As a designer and social entrepreneur, Keith is informed by interfacing with latent resources, landscape, and language. ln 2010, he launched beintween, a social and spatial organization improv(is)ing leftover spaces in the City of Milwaukee. Noteworthy accomplishments include a successfully funded Kickstarter for matireal, the imagination of a linear park called the artery, public installation of swings under many a midwest viaduct, and the organization of a design/build coopetition. He is now working in furnishings in a shared space he refers to as the do-op shop; currently in its beta version as an etsy shop. He received a master’s of architecture in ecological design at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and a bachelor’s of architecture from the University of Miami.. He continues to inform his practice through a process he refers to as sp/acement, whereby arts and cultural development may serves as a retainer of community rather than a token to displace it. His spirit animal is the raccoon.

Cleveland, OH